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Sunday, June 16th 2024

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YYZ." - Chris Myden

Mistake fares: New York to Milan to Prague to Tokyo or Bangkok | $130-$177 after taxes!

Mistake fares from New York to Milan to Prague to Tokyo or Bangkok

There's a mistake airfare event occurring on Priceline right now, involving flights from New York to Europe to Asia for $130-$177 after taxes! Yes, that's right, all 3 continents for $130!

Getting from Toronto to New York for a low price is easy. Getting between Milan and Prague is easy. The hard part is getting back from Asia for a decent one way price to make this a ridiculously cheap around the world trip. Using points or miles to get home might be the best option.

For those that wish to dive into this one, here's the details:

1. Go to Priceline.com - This seems to be the only site showing these fares at the moment (Orbitz was earlier).

2. Click on 'Flights' and then 'Multi Destination'

3. Click the + symbol beside the 'Choose Date' calendar to add a leg to the flight.

4. Search for a flight from...

Leg 1: New York (JFK) to Milan, Italy (MXP) on November 2
Leg 2: Prague (PRG) to Tokyo, Japan (NRT) on November 12

5. Hit 'Search Flights'


As of right now, the flights are bookable. I don't expect this will last too long as it's clearly a mistake. The number one rule for mistake fares, don't ever call the airline or booking agencies, as this will alert them to the mistake (and honestly, you are much better off booking it online anyways, as speed is of the essence with these sorts of fares).

If you're anxious to book, but still need time to think about it, keep in mind that airfare bookings can be canceled without penalty if it's within 24 hours. So a person could book immediately, but still have some time to think about it while they sort out the logistics. Here's a link to the Priceline cancellation policy regarding airfares.

There is a live discussion about this deal going on right now in the YYZ Deals Facebook Group.

Here are some useful comments from that discussion so far:

- Same trip but ending up in Bangok, Thailand instead of Tokyo, Japan - for $177.
Priceline screenshot: http://s14.postimg.org/4o0y2y50h/Clipboard01.jpg

- Same trip, but coming home from Nairobi, Kenya instead of Tokyo, Japan - for $380 USD.
screenshot: http://s14.postimg.org/inyv0pyap/Clipboard01.jpg

- Try experimenting with different dates in October/November. Share what you find.

- ^ still works have to do multi destination search. Just checked the initial JFK -->Milan ---> Prague --> Japan. $130 for dates Nov 30 - Dec 14

- Just tough to get home for under $800~

- Just tried this 30secs ago

- Bangkok oct19-nov4th. $177 BOOM

- Just bought my tickets!

- $243 for NYC-MXP-PRG-NRT in November

- Still works! Lots of options for time etc. There are others for $169, $200 etc

- I see similar availability for Bangkok in March 2015 for $277

- Booked New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP) then Prague (PRG) to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK). Nov 2 from JFK and 9th from PRG... thanks Chris!!

- Got confirmed flights to Milan/Berlin/Beijing in January! Thank you so much for this update!!!

- In place of Prague (PRG) try other cities in Europe, such as Dublin (DUB). Still seems to be coming back at the mistake prices.

- New York (JFK) to Milan (MXP), Prague (PRG) to Paris (CDG) to Beijing, China (PEK) in April 2015 for $230 after taxes!

- Same trip, but to Cape Town, South Africa (CPT) instead of Tokyo.....$492 which is wild! Getting home is the trick.

- I just booked, about 10 mins ago and it worked (3:04 PM EST).

- I just searched Nov 7 & 17th and it still works. Use points to get back! (3:22 PM EST)

- New York to Milan Dec 22 / Berlin to Beijing Dec 28 - $430 Merry Christmas to me

- I just did Nov 1 to Nov 12. I think the Nov 2 flight might be sold out (3:26 PM EST). Any word on a good way back?

- I definitely just bought this!!! I don't care to go to Prague, I will stay in Milan (3:30 PM EST)

- Just booked for $148- New York-Milan-Prague-Hong Kong, departing November 20th (3:32 PM EST)

- Still bookable, but not on the dates posted. Play around with Fall and Spring (before and after Xmas). See image attached...

- Things are changing on a minute by minute basis...so keep playing if you're looking to book!

- New York to Milan, Prague to Hong Kong, for two people with cancellation insurance $409. I'll see you there. (4:08 PM EST)

- Booked for 2people. NYC>Milan and Prague>Amsterdam>Tokyo. $260 all in! (4:12 PM EST)

- Looks like this works well into 2015. $322 for 2 people! (4:14 PM EST)

- Seems to be showing up on Hipmunk.com as well

- Similar type of deal but for $262 - replace Milan (MXP) with Tel Aviv, Israel (TLV)

- Booked New York (JFK)- Milan (MXP)- Prague (PRG) - Amsterdam (AMS)- Hong Kong (HKG) for $148. Nov 20 (6:20 PM EST)

- Yeah, there are some jan-mar deals floating still (6:30 PM EST)

- Looked to be dead on Priceline but found the flights on Hipmunk, which redirected to the Priceline booking page fine. Got through the payment screen and it sent me a confirmation. Not sure if it'll be cancelled later on but so far so good. Adventurous times ahead! (6:47 PM EST)

- I've been playing with the dates and you can choose from September to spring 2015 if you want. It gets a bit more expensive for Xmas and NYE time. Cheapest dates are in November from what I found. Just looked up November 14-24 and got $168 (6:50 PM EST)

- booked 1 hour ago, NY to Milan, Prague to Shanghai, thanks! (7:30 PM EST)

- Booked NYC-Milan, Prague-Cape Town ! (7:47 PM EST)

- Still live for March. I booked NYC/Milan/Prague/Bali. Now I need to find a flight home from Bali! (8:33 PM EST)

- Just booked NYC-Milan, Prague-Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (SGN) for $172 leaving early October. Still seeing lots of dates/destinations available on Priceline. (8:35 PM EST)

- Just booked New York JFK - Milan MXP - Prague PRG - Tokyo NRT for Dec 1-11 $170 + $34 insurance = $204! SO STOKED! (10:00 PM EST)

- There's even Australia for $350 in December. "Interesting... could get home from Australia with a one way to Hawaii, and then one way back to Toronto/Buffalo." (10:50 PM EST)

- "For the first leg, search for a US city served by Alitalia (it seems to be Alitalia coding on the first leg that triggers the error, whoever the operating carrier is). JFK and LAX reportedly work, although I haven't been able to reproduce any fares out of LAX. Use Milan's MXP airport as the destination. As I said above, mid-week departures seem to return the lowest fares.
For the second leg, use a European city served by Alitalia, KLM, or Air France with a destination in Asia. Mid-week dates return the lowest fares." source: freequentflyerbook.com

- New York - Milan | Prague to Shanghai - $132 Nov 19 to Dec 03. (11:15 PM EST)

- New York - Milan | Prague to Tokyo - $169 Nov 19 to Dec 03. (11:22 PM EST)

- New York - Milan | Prague to Bangkok - $138 Nov 19 to Dec 03. (11:32 PM EST)

- Just checked and this also works for going to Mumbai, India. (11:40 PM EST)
New York JFK to Milan MXP | Prague PRG - to Mumbai/Bombay, India (BOM).
Dec 07 to Dec 21 -all for $287

- Just bought New York JFK- to Milan MXP, Moscow MOW to Kuala Lumpur KUL for my g/f...
Nov 19th-Dec 10th. $232.
Gonna visit family in Russia for 3 weeks...and meet me in Bali lol !

- Feb 9: New York JFK to Milan (MXP), Feb 27 Budapest (BUD) to Mumbai, India (BOM) - $298

- You can alter Prague with other places too...Budapest, Warsaw, Minsk, Vilnius, RIga, Vienna...basically whatever spot flies to Paris (CDG) or Amsterdam (AMS) to connect with Air France or KLM

- New York JFK to Milan MXP - March 25 | Prague PRG to Bangkok BKK - April 02
$282 (1:05 AM EST)

- New York JFK to Milan MXP - Mar 04 | Budapest BUD to Mumbai BOM - Mar 10
$277 (1:36 AM EST)

- New York JFK to Milan MXP - Nov 19 | Prague PRG to Bangkok BKK - Nov 26
$159 (2:05 AM EST)

- New York JFK to Milan MXP - Feb 09 | Prague PRG to Bombay, India BOM - Feb 23
$232 (2:11 AM EST)

- New York JFK to Milan MXP - Dec 10 | Prague PRG to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia KUL - Dec 25
$220 (2:18 AM EST)

- October 15 and October 22 NYC-Milan & October 22 and October 29 Prague-Kuala Lumpur showing as $198.30 about 10 minutes ago (9:36 AM EST)

- booked for 2015... Flight #1 - Sunday, March 22, 2015 (Arrives Monday, March 23) NYC to Milan, Flight #2 - Monday, March 30, 2015 (Arrives Tuesday, March 31), Prague to Paris to Bangkok!...$276.70 (10:25 AM EST)

- One thing I noticed is that after a bunch of searches, Priceline stops showing the Alitalia flights. Just close the browser and re-open. That should bring them back. Also you can use incognito mode in Chrome.

- Most dates seem to be about $200 higher now. Most results are showing $350 as opposed to $150. (11:20 AM EST)

- Try this one, it's still working as of 11:21 AM EST... $159 to Europe and Bangkok http://www.priceline.com/airlines/fareResults.do?session_key=364A050A344B050A2014052314014999ecb0156087

- Christmas in Europe pretty cheap - Newark EWR to Milan MXP, Dec 10 | Geneva GVA to Toronto YYZ, Dec 27 $516 (5:15 PM EST)

- Sometimes you've got to be spontaneous. #Eurotrip #Italy #Prague #Bangkok #YYZDeals #Spontaneous

- Eric: Just to give a heads up to any of you who booked the cheap flights to Asia, there are some good prices for return flights now available. I just booked my return flight from BKK to YYZ in April 2015, with 1 three-hour stopover in Mumbai, for $473 ($486 after taxes and fees). The rest of the week is in the $500's for the same flight - normally around $750-850. Here's a link to the deal

- If you can't see the New York JFK to Milan MXP portion of your ticket, don't panic.
Its not cancelled...you can call Alitalia and ask for seat selection. They will ask for your confirmation number and select your seat for you. 1-800-223-5730 is the Alitalia call center number, option 3.

- Can I earn miles with this mistake fare?

If you are in this for miles be aware that you may not earn miles, especially on Delta.

Delta: If you booked directly on carrier websites you may earn miles. If you booked through Priceline, reports seem to vary on whether you can earn the miles or not.

Alaska: No miles can be earned on the Alitalia segments. No miles can be earned on most of the Air France or KLM segments because of the fare code. On the Delta segments you can earn miles if you have a 006 ticket.

KLM: Yes (will be at 50% or 25% depending on the exact fare booked)

Air France: Yes (will be at 50% or 25% depending on the exact fare booked)

Alitalia: Yes (will be at 50% or 25% depending on the exact fare booked)

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