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Thursday, December 3rd 2020

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YYZ." - Chris Myden

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Toronto to Dublin or Shannon, Ireland - $303 CAD roundtrip including taxes (St. Patrick's Day)

Dublin, Ireland

I'm seeing some interesting fares from Toronto to Dublin, Ireland for $303 CAD roundtrip over St. Patrick's Day.

There may also be other dates throughout 2017 and 2018 that are available for a similar price.

However, most of these flights require at least 1 stop each way, sometimes 2, using a combination of United Airlines and Aer Lingus - and are not the greatest flights, considering the non-stop options to Dublin that are available from YYZ.

It's not clear whether these are a mistake or not, I'm only seeing them verify on a few booking sites.

Availability for travel

March 2018

How to find and book these flights

1. Go to Momondo

2. Search for a flight from Toronto to Dublin, Ireland (DUB)

Try dates in the months listed above.

Try focusing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday dates.



October, November - have seen dates on Momondo for as low as $303 to $350 CAD roundtrip, but the prices don't verify once you get to the booking site. It's possible you may be able to book them through CheapOAir.com (see below)

Nov 23 to Dec 4 - Shannon for $429 (13h/14h) Momondo to GoToGate.


Wed Mar 14 to Wed Mar 21 -- $303 CAD over St. Patrick's Day (Momondo to Flight Network)

If you see any other cheap prices that actually verify once you click through from Momondo to the booking site, please share the dates in the comments below.

So far I've had the best luck when the booking site is Flight Network. When it's GoToGate, it seems to be hit or miss (sometimes the price verifies as shown on Momondo, sometimes it jumps up).

screenshot from Momondo

screenshot from Flight Network

You may also be able to book these by going to CheapOair.com - Try the dates you found on Momondo

1. Go to CheapOAir ($USD site)

2. Search for a flight from Toronto to Dublin, Ireland (DUB)

3. Use the dates you found on Momondo - even try the dates that didn't verify once you clicked through from Momondo to the booking site. They might work.

WARNING: CheapOAir.com prices are always in $USD - so be sure to do the math.

Multiply the price you see on CheapOAir.com by 1.24 (today's exchange rate) - this will be the price you are charged in $CAD when booking with a Canadian credit card.

I've had better luck finding these on CheapOAir.com ($USD site) than on CheapOAir.ca ($CAD site).

Update 9/20 - @ 11:30 AM EST - I've seen reports of some of these bookings being cancelled, while others were issued an e-ticket.

Flight Network : People are reporting that their bookings made through Flight Network were cancelled.

CheapOAir.com : Those that were issued an e-ticket still have their bookings and all seems fine so far.

GoToGate : I haven't really seen any reports either way.

These 'mistake fares' are still showing up today. I would focus on booking with CheapOAir.com for the best chance of being issued an e-ticket.

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