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Monday, January 25th 2021

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YYZ." - Chris Myden

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Toronto to Europe | from $353 roundtrip including taxes | summer flights

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Air Transat just dropped the price of their late July to early August flights from Toronto to Europe down to as cheap as $353 roundtrip including taxes.

I can't even remember the last time Air Transat had prices anywhere close to this to Europe, never-mind during the peak season of summer! it's been a *long* time! (years?)

Here's how to find and book them, using an example from Toronto to Glasgow, Scotland. See below for other cities in Europe you can try.

Update: 1:36 PM EST - Looks like we broke Air Transat's site. This is what happens when you search for any flight...

For the time being, Air Transat's flight search tool appears to be dead, making these fares unbookable online. It remains to be seen what will happen when it's back up and running. Perhaps these prices were a mistake?

1. Go to Air Transat's website

2. In the flight search, search for a flight ...

Leaving From: Toronto (YYZ)
Going To: Glasgow, United Kingdom (GLA)

Departure Date: July 29
Return Date: August 08

3. On the resulting page, click on the 'Flexible Dates' tab. This will open up a calendar of date combinations...

4. Click on a date combo you like and hit 'Select Date'

This will take you to the verified booking page screen...

Hit the Continue button on this page to proceed with the booking.

Other cities in Europe that are cheap around the same dates

(roundtrip, including all taxes)

Amsterdam, Netherlands $353
Paris, France $473
Rome, Italy $494

Some other cities in Europe served by Air Transat look to be in the $500s, which is also significantly cheaper than usual for summer travel to Europe, just not quite to the insane degree of a roundtrip flight in the $300s!

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Multi-city Europe flights hit a new low - from $293 roundtrip after taxes

Looks like Sunwing has started to really slash the price of their flights to Europe, which is resulting in some *extremely* cheap multi-city flights for anyone that can leave last minute.

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June multi-city Europe flights - from $357 roundtrip after taxes

This is kind of a followup to the last post I made, which resulted in the Sunwing Portugal flights selling out pretty quickly. They appear to be selling some more cheap one way flights, although they're $94 now, instead of $35.

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June multi-city flights from Toronto to Europe - $338 to $388 roundtrip after taxes

Update April 21 - I think YYZdeals followers might have sold out the Sunwing flights. I'm getting an error message now.

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Toronto to Europe - $398 roundtrip after taxes

As part of their 25th Anniversary celebrations, Air Transat has some very cheap fares to Europe at the moment. They are listed as $25.00 + taxes, and work out to $398 roundtrip after taxes, which is about as cheap as I've ever seen, except for those highly unusual Sunwing fares this summer.

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Buffalo to London, England - Amsterdam to Toronto - $293 after taxes for both flights

Search example:

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Is this the cheapest flight in history from Toronto to Europe? $248 roundtrip after tax

This has to be a record for Toronto. Sunwing's June 21 to July 1 flight from Toronto to London, UK has dropped to $248 roundtrip after tax.

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Quick jaunt over to Europe anyone? Toronto to London, UK - $298 roundtrip after tax

There's some more Toronto to Europe madnesss on Sunwing - try June 17 to 22 from Toronto to London Gatwick on Sunwing.ca

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Toronto to London, return from Lisbon, Portugal - $405 roundtrip after tax in June!

For anyone that wants to fly into one European city, and out of another, this is an amazing deal.

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Toronto to London, UK in June - $520 to $560 roundtrip after tax

There seems to be some very cheap flights to London, Gatwick in June on Sunwing. Yes, Sunwing.

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