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Thursday, July 25th 2024

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YYZ." - Chris Myden

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Toronto to Lisbon, Faro, Porto, Madeira, or Azores, Portugal (and places in France) - $568 CAD roundtrip | Business Class for $1999

Lisbon, Portugal

TAP Portugal has dropped the price of their Fall and Winter 2024-2025 flights from Toronto to Lisbon, Faro, and Porto, Portugal down to $568 CAD roundtrip including taxes.

Flights from Toronto to Madeira or The Azores are also available for a similar price.

You can also find flights from Toronto to various places in France (Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, or Marseille) and the United Kingdom (London, Manchester) for $579-$607 roundtrip.

And flights from Toronto to Marrakesh, Morocco are available for $791 roundtrip.

Like everything in our lives, these have crept up in price over the last few years. Taking a look back at TAP's deal history on these nonstop flights to Lisbon shows...

November 2022 - $394 to $442 roundtrip

January 2023 - $399 to $426 roundtrip

April 2023 - $504 roundtrip

January 2024 - $465 roundtrip

It does seem possible that we might still see these offered in the $400s roundtrip at some point.

Although for the last 60 days they've been firmly planted in the $700s.

You can also find Business Class flights from Toronto to these same destinations in Portugal for $1999 CAD roundtrip. These have also been cheaper in the recent past, sometimes offered for around $1700 roundtrip when TAP has a large price drop.

But they are still around 45% cheaper than TAP's usual business class prices, and 55% cheaper than Air Canada's prices on the same YYZ-LIS route.

UPDATE: Air Transat has responded with some similar prices on their nonstop flights from Toronto to Lisbon and Porto.

Availability for travel

Economy: October, November, first half of December 2024 and January, February, March 2025

Business Class: Same as above, but also in September 2024

How to find and book this deal

1. Start with one of the following Google Flights searches:

Economy Class

Google Flights: Toronto to Lisbon, Portugal (non-stop flights) - $579 roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Faro, Portugal - $579 roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Porto, Portugal - $579 roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Terceira Island, Azores - $579 roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Funchal, Madeira - $599 roundtrip

Other Countries (France, UK, Morocco)

Google Flights: Toronto to Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, or Marseille, France - $579-$625 roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to London or Manchester, UK - $607 roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Marrakesh, Morocco - $791 roundtrip

Business Class

Google Flights: Toronto to Lisbon, Portugal - $1999

Google Flights: Toronto to Faro, Portugal - $1999

Google Flights: Toronto to Porto, Portugal - $1999

Google Flights: Toronto to Funchal, Madeira - $1999

Google Flights: Toronto to Ponta Delgada, Azores - $1799

Google Flights: Toronto to Terceira Island, Azores - $1799

Business Class - Multi City

Toronto to Lisbon to Porto to Toronto - $2004

Toronto to Lisbon to Faro to Toronto - $2003

(You can also try substituting Funchal, and Ponta Delgada).

Step 2:

- Go to Kayak or Skyscanner or FlightHub

- Try the same dates you found in Google Flights.

A tip from a YYZ Deals follower regarding the new Canadian passports and Lisbon

"FYI just flew into Lisbon airport this week. The customs lane for Canadian passport does not work for the new Canadian passports.
Go to the lane for all passports. Do not waste your time in the Canadian passport line cause you’ll just get sent to the back of the all passports line to wait again."

Other people have mentioned that the lane for electronic passports has worked for them in the past, but it seems to vary....

"Worked for us last Feb but in October it was not operational"

"My wife and I were in Lisbon in April. I have a new passport and it wouldn’t scan when we landed so I had to join the other general line and it took 2.5 hrs to get through. When we were flying out I tried the Canadian line again and that time it scanned no problem. Seems like it’s hit or miss."

screenshot from Kayak

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