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Wednesday, November 20th 2019

"I'm a travel junkie who's hooked on deals from YYZ." - Chris Myden

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Mistake Fares: Toronto to Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, London and more places in Europe - $113 to $378 CAD roundtrip including taxes

Paris, France

Air Transat is showing what looks to be mistake fares from Toronto to Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands for $233 to $298 CAD roundtrip including taxes.

Some flights are non-stop both ways. Some flights have 1 stop.

The price is currently verifying on Expedia (generally a good site for nabbing mistake fares).

Obviously this won't last long! (minutes?)

Availability for travel

September, October, November 2017
January, February, March, April, May, June 2018

How to find and book this deal

1. Go to Expedia

Update: Expedia is now giving an error message for these flights.

These are also showing up on a variety of booking sites through Momondo - but it's possible/probable that they might be unbookable now. I'm getting price changes when attempting to book them.

These are also showing up on CheapOAir.ca and CheapOAir.com - who came through during the British Airways mistake fares.

(IMPORTANT: CheapOAir.ca is in $CAD, while CheapOAir.com is in $USD) and might be the best booking site to try now that Expedia seems to be done.

If you manage to book one, please let us know!

2. Search for a flight from Toronto to Paris, France (CDG)

3. Try one of the following date combinations:

Sep 9 to Sep 16 -- $303
Sep 16 to Sep 23 -- $253
Sep 23 to Sep 30 -- $293
Sep 30 to Oct 7 -- $273

Oct 7 to Oct 14 -- $253
Oct 14 to Oct 21 -- $353
Oct 21 to Oct 28 -- $233

(still checking for more)

screenshot from the verified price page on Expedia

Update: These are showing up on Google Flights - Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Dublin, London, and Rome for $113 to $343 roundtrip. The current best strategy might be to look at dates on Google Flights and then either clicking through to Flight Network or going to CheapOAir and trying the same dates.

Google Flights: Toronto to Paris, France

Google Flights: Toronto to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Google Flights: Toronto to Dublin, Ireland

- seeing dates for $113 CAD roundtrip!

Google Flights: Toronto to London, UK

- seeing dates for $238 CAD roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Venice, Italy

- seeing dates for $257 CAD roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Lisbon, Portugal

- seeing dates for $269 CAD roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Barcelona, Spain

- seeing dates for $313 CAD roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Rome, Italy

- seeing dates for $343 CAD roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Athens, Greece

- seeing dates for $354 CAD roundtrip

Google Flights: Toronto to Glasgow, Scotland

- seeing dates for $378 CAD roundtrip

As of 2:06 PM EST I am still seeing them confirm on Flight Network for $234 CAD - it would seem doubtful they can actually get these tickets issued, but you just never know with mistake fares.

Update: I am seeing these prices as far away as June 2018

Update @ 3:40 PM EST - It looks like it could be over. I haven't found any where the price verified in the last 10 minutes.

Update @ 4:09 PM EST - I have seen quite a few people confirm that they have received actual e-ticket numbers. It looks like most of those were bookings made through Expedia. This is always a good sign - but give it some more time to be sure.

Update @ 6:58 PM EST - Here is the status of what I've been seeing reported so far, as far as which bookings have been cancelled, and which have not....


- For those who received an e-ticket #, the bookings seem fine. It seems like most who booked through Expedia did receive an e-ticket #. Expedia is generally one of the best sites to book through in a mistake fare situation. Unfortunately they did not last very long on Expedia!

Flight Network

- For those who did not receive an actual e-ticket #, the bookings have been cancelled. Generally what happens in mistake fare situations is that the earlier bookings are issued an e-ticket #. Then at some point, the mistake is fixed, and bookings made after that point do not have e-ticket numbers issued.

To the person buying the ticket it can *seem* like they were issued a ticket (especially if they receive a confirmation e-mail) - but in reality the ticket is not actually issued until you see that 13 digit e-ticket number show up somewhere.


- I haven't heard of any cancellations. Those who received e-ticket numbers seem to be fine so far.


- I haven't heard of any cancellations. Those who received e-ticket numbers seem to be fine so far.

IMPORTANT: Keep your expectations low until it becomes clear whether these tickets have been issued and all is fine (generally within 12-24 hours). Don't book anything else. The British Airways mistake fares worked out, but that's no guarantee that these ones will.

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